Tuesday, April 22, 2014

SAFRA Radio VIP Brunch at Cornerstone

Two Sundays ago,
I woke up bright and early for something special: brunch with a bunch of really amazing people!

Does this limo cab offer any clues?

If you didn't already guess it right, you should be at least close to the right answer.. Yes! I had the opportunity to meet and enjoy a Sunday brunch with some of the most fabulous on-air and not to forget online personalities on our little island! Whoop! ;)

10.30am is rather early, to be honest. But I was pretty excited for this event, really! And thankfully I was chauffeured there by a comfortable limo cab too, hehe.

I was one of the first few to reach Corner Stone, a comfortable bistro located inside Bishan Park!

Hard to miss these two huge banners.

Guess who was the very first person I saw inside Corner Stone?
It was none other than Jamie Yeo! D:

And this friendly lady waved to me so enthusiastically while I was still outside and about to enter the bistro that for a moment, I was wondering who it was, before I entered and realised belated and a lil starstruck-edly that it was Jamie Yeo herself!

Come on guys if you belong in the same era as me you can't not be familiar with Jamie, she's honestly one of the very few radio DJs I can even recognise! :)))

Took an opportunity to grab a quick photo with Jamie before the other people arrived woohoo. And Jamie was SO friendly! ^.^

The food started coming in once everyone got all settled down. I could have eaten so much more but unfortunately or fortunately, the food was served in little bite-sized canap├ęs. Haha.

Parma ham


Mini beef slices

Grilled squid

Smoked salmon with sour cream biscotti thingy

Roast pork


Squid ink pasta

Lobster pasta

There was a gorgeous spread of sweets and desserts, and everyone couldn't stop raving about the earl grey chocolate cake!

I had a little surprise when I bumped into an old friend at the event.. Who's none other than Jia Ming, now a DJ with Jia 883FM! It was so nice to catch up with him and know that he's now doing great as a DJ! 

Lina and Jia Ming host a daily Monday to Friday show on Jia 883FM from 4-8PM, and a Jia Ming hosts a Saturday show from 2-6pm!

And a selfie with the obliging Jamie!

Jamie hosts the Power Breakfast Show on weekday mornings 6-10am with Sonja and Jason, on Power 98FM!

It was a pretty entertaining morning as all the DJs came up to host various segments, with some really funny games, too. Thank goodness I wasn't called up to play the games though, I'm really bad at this kind of thing hahahaa.

With some of the Nuffnang bloggers! :)

Jess, Mel and myself, photobombed by Juli at the back LOL

Tricia, Evonne and I with Jia Ming!

This photo is super win! Nine people in a selfie and I believe Val's arm can fit in even more people OMG her arm is just crazy long! Spot the lone DJ in a sea of bloggers. Haha!

Folks, you get a chance to win a VIP Brunch Experience too, with your favourite DJ!


Date: Saturday 3rd May 2014
Time: 10am - 12.30pm
Venue: Corner Stone (Bishan Park 2, 1380 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1)

Tell me which DJ you would love to meet at the VIP Brunch Experience and why (by leaving a comment on this blog post) 

At the end of your entry, include your: 
1. Name 
2. Birthdate (Day/Month/Year) 
3. Email Addresss 
4. Contact Number 

 *Winners will be announced on Power 98 and Jia88.3 Facebook pages and notified by SAFRA Radio


Random: I spotted SUPER cute dogs on the way out of Bishan Park, can't believe that one on the left is a chihuahua?! It looks like a miniature corgi, tooooo cute! Awwwwww.

Also, have you joined my give-away for a 2-night stay at Sofitel So Bangkok yet? Just a few days more to the participation deadline! 

Toodles, til the next update! 


Thursday, April 17, 2014

BKK March'14: Sofitel So Bangkok/GIVE-AWAY!

I'm sorry for the delay, but I'm back with Part 2 of Bangkok!

Seriously, I have way too many pictures and way too many things to blog about. So I'm just gonna try my best to break it down into manageable chunks! :) Easier to digest as well, heh. And this entry is going to sum up my stay at Sofitel So Bangkok, which I've already been raving NON-STOP about in my previous entry: BKK March'14: Day 1 at Sofitel So Bangkok.

Please read all the way til the end for a give-away: A lucky reader will get to win a free 2-night stay! And I promise you will LOVE Sofitel So Bangkok!!

Woke up after a great night's rest on Day 2 and I was so looking forward to hotel breakfast at Red Oven!

I've always loved international breakfast buffets, heh. But there are the meh ones and there are the good ones. In my opinion, Red Oven does international breakfast buffet really really well! Fresh, delicious and well-cooked food with a huge selection and spread. And by the way, you even get ice-cream (part of the buffet too) for breakfast!

Just the selection of baked goods alone. I was trying to keep to a low-carb diet, but I absolutely loved the croissants served at Red Oven. They were to-die-for!

I like the pleasant and welcoming ambience at Red Oven, especially in the morning, with sun light streaming in through the full length windows!

Whenever I'm at hotel breakfast buffet, I always, always zoom into the breakfast items. Bacon, sausages, eggs, and potatoes are my idea of breakfast heaven!

Oh yum!

I was so happy to eat breakfast! Because I woke up extra early to do Insanity workout in the morning before breakfast. Yay! No guilt for overloading my breakfast plate :)

Fresh fruits all cut and ready for you.

Asian delicacies, and stir-fried dishes are also available too :)

Gluten-free muffins sound like a good option for the health-conscious!

Cured meats

Salads with lots of condiments!

As you can see, you'd be so spoilt for choice. I could probably have three meals at Red Oven and be able to eat entirely different things at every meal.

My spread for breakfast! I gobbled everything down in a jiffy!

Food porn :( I need some of these in my tummy now :(

Too happy to tuck into breakfast. Yum!

With Jess, cos Marie and Mel were still snoozing in bed... Lol.

And the ice cream..!!! So good! I especially love the Thai Milk Tea flavour. So shiok! Jess liked the Passionfruit but it was too sour for me, hahaha.

One of the pretty staff on standby to serve us. I love the Christian Lacroix-designed uniform.

Dropped by the reception area for a bit. By the way, you can actually exchange currency right at the hotel concierge, which was too convenient! I ran out of baht and exchanged a few more hundred dollars :X

Also, notice how this lady is wearing a different uniform? There are actually four different sets for each staff member to choose from, and you can pick two! Cool, huh?

Another view of the magnificent concierge and bar area. I love the opulent and ornate settings!

Since we had some time to kill before our arranged spa at So Spa, we took a walk around the hotel premises, and had a dip in the pool! I could stay in Sofitel So Bangkok the entire day and not get bored!

At the solarium, where there's a vast area of open space, and deck chairs!

There is also So Fit, which is the fitness gym! Lol. I love the punny-ness! :D

Headed to the pool side for some dipping at the infinity pool!

Sofitel So Bangkok is very attentive, they even provide sunscreen and shades for guests!

Lots of lounge beds and deck beds, and it is so comfy to just lay down under the shade of the trees!

My happy feet, pedicure done by The Nail Artelier!

Pool-side chilling.. The weather was perfect ;) Just a lil cloudy and not too sunny

Loving the view of the infinity pool against a backdrop of buildings :)

We even had refreshments provided while we frolicked in the water! This is the lifeeeee.

Mel and I got to experience So Spa, Sofitel So Bangkok's award-winning luxury spa!

Deciding on which treatment to pamper myself with. I like firm massages, so upon recommendation, I decided to go for the Sports Massage!

The decor is so rustic and lovely, it looks like a blackboard full of chalk drawings!

Our masseurs all ready for Mel and I :)

The spa room overlooks the pool, and has this HUGE tub in it! How I wish i could soak in that tub!

Top-down view :)

Wonderful ambience and great attention to the little details.

All ready for my session!

Foot soak before massage!

The massage was incredible! I was kneaded and pressed with skilled hands that worked out all the knots and kinks in my muscles and joints, and left me feeling so relaxed and blissed-out. Highly recommended to book a spa session for yourself if you're staying in Sofitel So Bangkok!

The luxurious session ended off with some dark chocolates and hot tea.

The wonderful spa session really completed our stay in Sofitel So Bangkok!

After which we headed out for a day of shopping and food (that's for next entry) and we had to check out the following morning ;(

Thank you so much, Germaine, for making the necessary arrangements for us and making sure that we were well-taken care of!

My last picture at Sofitel So Bangkok. Good bye~ :( Also the only time I even sat on a tuktuk in Bangkok hahaha.

It was so hard to leave Sofitel So Bangkok when we had to check out the following morning :(( I really can't wait to be back at Sofitel So Bangkok! One of the best hotel experiences I've ever had, for sure.

And now.. You can get a chance to win a FREE 2-night stay at So Cosy room, Sofitel So Bangkok too! You will LOVE it, so please don't miss out this opportunity to win yourself a free hotel stay at Sofitel So Bangkok!

All you need to do is to

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Sounds easy enough isn't it?

This contest runs from now til the 23th of April, and the winner will be announced on my blog, on the 25th April.

Go forth to win yourself a 2-day hotel stay at Sofitel So Bangkok now!! :D



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